Saturday, July 18, 2015

Did my dog save my life?

Early evening Friday, I'd been for a run and met Sue after work. We
were in the kitchen talking and she commented that I was slurring and
was I ok? I said I was fine and we went into the garden. I sat in a
chair and was quiet. Sue went into the house and I fell asleep or
maybe passed out.

I was woken what I think was maybe 10 minutes later by my dog,
Frankie, licking my hand and arm. I woke up, realised that I wasn't
feeling great and so went and tested my blood where I was hypo with a
blood sugar of 3.2mmol. Some sugar and three fig rolls sorted that
pretty quickly.

Looking back I was probably hypo when told I was slurring my words, or
certainly on the way to being so. I rejected this. It's hard to
explain this, I'm not stupid and yet when someone comments that you
may be hypo and even if you agree you don't. I don't know how to
explain this. It's not unique and certainly not personal but it is
really hard to accept from someone else, even from the person closest
to you.

More interesting to me is Frankie and what she did. She never licks
me, she never has. I don't like it and she must sense it. That she
came and licked my hand and arm when I was out of it woke me up and I
then realised for myself that something wasn't right. I don't know if
it was coincidence and she licked me because my hand was hanging down
by my side or whether she sensed something wasn't right. The former
becomes more likely when you consider that even if she comes into the
bedroom in the morning when I am sleeping she might lie against me but
never licks me.

So did she sense something and wake me up? Just thinking that brings
tears to my eyes.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Core exercises

This week I went to the Physio drop in at Cheltenham General Hospital to get a look at my hip/quad. Interestingly the physio did not think that the quad was the issue but that it was a biomechanics issue. Essentially a problem elsewhere manifesting in my quad as the weakest point in the chain.

This is more than likely to be weak glutes and core which, I know, are really poor. 

The exercises I am doing are 

There has been some improvement already as yesterday I ran 3.4 miles without issue. Sure it was slow but it was great to be running properly. 

I have some ambitions for my running but right now they do not go beyond being able to run a little when I am on holiday later this month.