Thursday, April 30, 2009

Decent weeks training

This week has ended up being a pretty decent training week all things considered.

I managed a treadmill run on Monday, a rest day on Tuesday then on Wednesday a 6km treadmill run at lunchtime then in the evening 15km run over the Wrekin (quite hill). All been at low heart rate and at 8min mile pace. It's actually pretty refreshing and relaxing running an easy pace as opposed to blasting out quick 5miles all the time.

This morning i went to the pool before lunch and did 10 sets of 200m. Started pretty quick (again, for me) but slowed considerably as the sets progressed.

Tomorrow i will get out for a run and am tempted to try the Gloucester Tri cycle route - have to see how it goes and how i am doing for time. Will be 6miles at least that's for sure.

As anyone who knows me knows i have become the king of podcasts!! Zen and the Art of Triathlon, Quadrathlon, Running Stupid, Endurance Planet, Zen is Stupid (shall i go on!!??) are all on my iPhone and get me through quiet days. There's a ton of interesting stuff out there and i am learning a lot about training and nutrition plus they are pretty entertaining. I am also finding them incredibly motivational as most are by people with lives who fit training in which is my biggest problem - time.

The TriClub are getting together on Sunday minus Nigel who's playing golf or something gay like that. We're doing a couple laps of the Gloucester Tri cycle route then a 7km run. Should be a good session and the forecast is good.

Happy training!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bike returned...

So the boys in blue have done a great job - they found my neighbours bike and returned it today! Brilliant stuff!

So tonight is curry (takeaway) bit of telly and an early night.

Shurdington Tri Club session planned for tomorrow morning with a 0730 start. Will be an hour and a half on the bike with then a 20min run. Nice and easy tomorrow - not too far and pace should be reasonable so i can train on Monday too.

Struggling to get sessions of any substance at the moment - am snatching time when i can.

Lets see if Le Fasset and Stoddy kill each other tomorrow?!?!?

Bike Stolen

Not mine thankfully but my neighbours.

Last night was a fun night - at about 1am Sue was woken by a knocking outside - she looked out the window and there was someone trying to get into a neighbours garage. She woke me and we watched for a bit then i shouted out the window and he scarpered (albeit very casually).

An hour or so later he was back kicking the door in this time we called the police. They arrived very quickly and aprehended someone with previous. We were then up til gone 3am giving a statement. Unfortunately the neighbour's bike was stolen but hopefully they got someone for it.

Funny thing is if they had tried my garage they would have had more than a grands worth of bike easily. So not i park the car against the garage door.

Be safe!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

An honest dentist!

So following yesterday's post i went to the dentist today expecting to have another £300 root canal. He did some poking around and some very clever stuff and determined that it wasn't my tooth but my gum and so no work required! Result! So he gave me teeth a clean, and i needed a small filling but otherwise all ok!

I worked from home today which was great - meant i could get to the dentist and then after i had finished work i got out for a run. I did a simple route that is 5miles in 35:35. I started fast but then slowed down. I did feel a little naked when i went out though as my GPS was not charged and so i coulnt use it and i use that for EVERY session i do. I also seem to have misplaced my HR belt which is also frustrating. It's kind of weird how reliant i have become on these two peices of technology. Running should be simple - the simplest form of sport - running shoes, shorts and a t-shirt but it has become incredibly overengineered with compression clothing and the various bits of technology.

I signed up for twitter today (@mbosano) and have to say that i love it! It's really cool all i need now is some followers as currently i am twiterring to no-one which i guess makes me a twit??

Going to make some more amendments to the website now ( .


Thursday, April 23, 2009


Oh i forgot - the club has an official URL now (although not active at the time of writing).

Check out Le Fassets new picture too :)

Treadmill and Toothache

Today was a mixed day. I was in Telford so that meant use of the gym. I had it planned today was to be a run after Tuesday and Wednesday were cycling days. I had my pre-gym snack and killer toothache! Worse this is the same spot that after 20 years of not visiting the dentist i had 2 fillings in last year, then a root canal as the filling didn't work. I have an appointment tomorrow at 1:30 and if it follows true to form it will be another root canal. I'd better get some overtime in to cover it!

I did make it to the gym though so all was not lost. I used the treadmill today at 0% incline and managed a comfortable 5miler in 34:26. After a gentle start i did the last two miles at 6:30 mile pace with no real difficulty or problems. I wasn't wearing my heart rate monitor so the full story is not known. On that form i am going to try a 6mile/10km in sub 40 next week. I think it's acheivable.

The main thing that helped was listening a Zen and Triathlon podcast. These are available on iTunes and are brilliant! Brett is the presenter and has a great way about him. The one i was listening today was him out in the woods cycling with his 4 year old son. Sounds boring and probably was but helped me to zone out and not worry about the pace. I am a definate convert to podcasts from 5Live to the Times and all the US cycling and triathlon ones.

Anyway blog out - dentist tomorrow - should be fun!

Message for Le Fasset - pushing the wheelbarrow is not difficult, thinking about pushing the wheel barrow is.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New website and new blog...

So the Shurdington Triers website was launched last night under the holding URL of (there will be a proper URL shortly) and one of the things we discussed was each having a blog for our training...

So here's my first entry. I worked at home today which was great as i managed to get a session in at lunchtime. Just a short one (20km/40mins on the bike) but it's a good route and one of my benchmark routes. The longer sessions that i have done have really helped with my time on this route. This time last year i was completing the course in around 42mins but i have taken 2mins off of that already and i feel much stronger at the end that's all good!

Off to Telford first thing tomorrow but there's a gym so i will get a run in on the treadmill. I went on Tuesday and used the exercise bike for 30mins. On the days i am in Telford i am hoping to get a small session in if nothing else. Lets face it with 3hrs a day commuting i have plenty of recovery time sat on my backside!!

One thing before i go - i was listening to a podcast today and they mentioned a story about Chad Gerlach - a one-time cyclist who after 5 years out living like a homeless person with some interesting addictions is making a comeback!! ana amzing story!