Sunday, June 5, 2011

Active Kids Bleinhem Duathlon - 5th June 2011

Amelie completed the Active Kids duathlon today finishing 4th overall and was the 2nd girl in her age group. 

It was a great morning's  work by her in a fantastic settings with the finish of the women's elite race in the background. The really interesting thing is that the Active Kids at Blenheim has really grown in the three years that we have been involved as participants. The organisation, race brifeing and support for the kids from the Active Kids team was, as ever, first class. The smiles of all the kids testament to the fact that kids love to compete, they love to race and they love to emulate what their parents do.

Every kid gets a t-shirt, every kid gets a medal and every kid gets to run under the tape at the end. That doesn't diminish the effort that they put in it just encourages them in the right way.

This has to be a significant step in the right direction for all the kids that take part...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blenheim Active Kids Duathlon 2011

This weekend is the Blenheim Triathlon, a brilliant event in beautiful grounds of Blenheim Palace that takes place over the whole weekend.

As part of the weekend there is an opportunity for kids to race a duathlon as part of the Active Kids organisation.

Amelie is entered in the 8-9 age group race and will be completing her third year at the event. Her race will take place over the following distances: 700m run / 1150m bike / 350m run

Luca will be taking part in his second duathlon in the 10+ age group racing over the following distances: 700m run / 1400m bike / 350m run.

This is a training video...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's happening - Born to Run 37 Mile Ultra

I have blogged a lot about my desire to do an ultra, to see what i can do and start to push myself endurance wise. I realised very quick into my triathlon career that an ironman on top of commuting and family is not going to happen. The training is just to consuming. So i have dabbled and talked a lot about doing an ultra.

It will suit me as i have realised that what i just love is running, the simple act of running.

Clarity of mind, fitness, endorphins the whole 9 yards of what is good and great about a run.

Well tonight i have taken the first step and actually entered one. It's the Born to Run 37mile Ultra in Wales next March. I think that @stoddy38 will be joining me which will be cool.

You can see the route here:
It's a long way off but already i'm excited about the prospect! Bring it on!