Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just enjoy it?

I was in a running shop today, Run and Become. A great shop that sells
a massive variety of shoes. For such a small shop it's quite
remarkable. I was browsing, actually I was looking for some Adidas
Ultraboosts, they didn't have any so was looking around when a lady
that worked there asked if I needed help.

I replied that "I'm just browsing thanks"
She smiled and asked, "do you have any races coming up?"
"Yes", I responded, "a marathon in a week although because of my cold
I've not been able to train properly for nearly two weeks"
"Have you run one before?" She asked. Putting aside my affront, surely
I look like a runner don't i?
"Yes, and I ran a 50 miler 3 weeks ago"
What she said next was, to me, incredibly interesting. She said, "well
you're an experienced runner, maybe this one is for enjoyment and
experience. To be there."

I nodded and agreed then she went behind the counter. I left shortly afterwards.

I've been thinking about it all day though.

I haven't and don't race a lot but when I do I want to race. I don't
think I'll win but I race to do the best I can. The Groundhog marathon
was to be about striving for a PB, now it will be about finishing.
Maybe in not being in the shape I want and needing to rely on residual
fitness and experience the race day will be more enjoyable. Clearly I
love running so maybe low expectations and a relaxed approach will
open a whole world up. I will be in the moment and because I won't be
killing myself racing the watch i'll be better for it...

I might even race more...